About Me

Hi! I’m Chris Dalke. I’m a third year undergraduate student currently studying at the University of Rochester and majoring in computer science.

My interests include running, woodworking, working with computers and electronics, and sharing my passion for building things with the people around me.

Some Highlights

Here are some of the most notable things I've done. Head over to the Projects page to see some other interesting projects, and Resume to view more of my experience.

➜ Spring 2017

Won 1st place at the University of Rochester's 2017 Dandyhacks hackathon with Rubik Rooms, a first person puzzle game with an innovative level manipulation mechanic. Gained experience with graphics programming using OpenGL and Java.

➜ Summer 2016

Interned at Beco, a location analytics startup delivering real-world insights for physical spaces through wireless beacon technology. I worked on the development of an OpenAuth identity provider and gained experience deploying to cloud infrastructure, particularly Azure.

➜ Spring 2016

Won 2nd place at the University of Rochester's 2016 Dandyhacks hackathon with a hardware project consisting of customizable Giant Piano Keys which worked as an input device for a computer. Linked the keys to a visualization and music synthesizer built with Processing.

➜ Winter 2015

Published Mine Climb to the iOS App Store. Mine Climb is an addicting endless scroller with hand-crafted pixel art graphics and procedural level generation. Programmed in C++ and SDL.